About Biolot

BioLot Diagnostics Co.,Ltd.

      Biology Diagnostics derived from the former Beijing Institute of Medical Devices, it is a high-tech enterprises by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and that is the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association inspection industry branch of the member units, specializing in biotechnology development、production service and sales, managing  a variety of medical test reagents, equipment, and other related products.


Since 1989,the clinical electrode and reagents basic research were carried out,and it were published in the papers.

Since 1992,Orion potassium and sodium instrument for electrode and reagents instrument were researched and manufactured in the United States.

Since 1992,AVL electrolyte reagents, electrodes and  AVL blood gas reagent were researched and manufactured.

Since 1992,foreign formula was introduced,Hitachi,Olympus,Abbott,Toshiba,Beckman,Roche and other large scale biochemical analyzer cleaning fluid was firstly introduced in the domestic market.Up to now,we provided dozens of domestic and foreign brands of thousands of large-scale biochemical analyzer with the cleaning fluid, and a number of domestic manufacturers to be provided with biochemical analyzer cleaning fluid OEM products.

Since 2002, the foreign recipe was introducted and digested, firstly Hitachi, Abbott, Roche, Toshiba, Olympus biochemical analyzer reagents electrolyte electrode was introduced and maked up the domestic blank part. After years of research,improvement and user test, in 2008,we launched the improved environmental formaldehyde-free electrode reagents for Hitachi, Olympus, Roche, Beckman, Toshiba, Abbott, Siemens, Sysmex and other eight brands biochemical electrode electrolyte analyzer measurements.

Since 2003,Abbott I2000 immunoassay analyzer dedicated concentrated wash buffer was firstly launched, it has formed for Roche, Abbott, Beckman, Siemens and domestic chemiluminescent analyzer washing buffer series.
Since 2011, we invested tens of millions to build a new research and production base in Wuhan Development Zone.
In October 2013,we officially arrived in Wuhan.