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BIOLOT Hitachi biochemical instrument maintenance experience published

Pubdate:2015-12-10 11:12:15

Full set of clean liquid in a hospital in Beijing a Hitachi 7600 biochemical analyzer has been used for years BIOLOT, ion (reagent dilution, internal standard solution and reference solution, etc.) has been in good condition during the winter of.2009 occasionally, especially the phenomenon of instability, a large number of specimens measured occasionally suddenly appear particularly high or particularly low, review and normal phenomenon. After other engineers have more than half a month of service search, check valve, pipe, injector, replacement of all electrodes, replaced the original reagent, the fault has not yet eliminated.

Later, BIOLOT woolsorter with 10 years of experience in the maintenance of electrolyte. 3 hours to find the cause of the fault and repair, re BIOLOT reagent has been used for good. Afterwards, the maintenance of written papers.
Titled "Hitachi biochemical analyzer ISE module of electromagnetic interference and elimination"(Chinese medical equipment, July 2010 seventh volume seventh,74-75,http://localhost/blt/a/zh/wx/wx/10.html?1449569094)