ISE SoLutions and Detergents for Beckman AU Chemistry Systems

Biochemical cleaning fluid and electrolyte reagent (environmental non-formaldehyde type), equipment maintenance

Beckman AU (Olympus) series of biochemical analyzer cleaning fluid, ISE electrolyte reagents, equipment maintenance

For Beckman AU5800 / AU5811 / 5821/5831 / 5841,5400,2700,1000,680,600,640,480,400


Beckman AU series of biochemical analyzer special cleaning fluid
Num production name OEM name volume
B1311 AU专用清洗液(透明型) Wash Solution 4×2L
B1321 浓缩高效清洗液(乳白型) Contrad 2000,Decon 90 4×5L
B1330 超浓缩高效清洗液(1:10浓缩)   1L、2L、5L
B1341 W1清洗液   6×30ml
B1351 W2酸性清洗液   7×60ml
B1361 W2碱性清洗液   7×60ml
Electrolyte (electrode) reagents, electrodes, accessories, maintenance, equipment warranty contract
Num production name OEM name volume
B2311 MID内标液(环保无甲醛型) ISE MID Standard Solution 4×2L
B2321 电极缓冲液(环保无甲醛型) ISE Buffer 4×2L
B2331 参比液(环保无甲醛型) ISE Reference 4×1L
B2341 参考电极内液 Ref. Int. Solution 100ml
B2342 电极清洗液 Cleaning Solution 100ml、500ml
B2343 Na/K电极选择检查液 Na/K Selectivity Check Solution 2×30ml
B2350 电极血定标液 ISE serum Calibrators 2×30ml
B2370 电极尿定标液 Low/High Urine Standard 2×30ml
B201 电极专用清洁线  
B202 浓缩电极清洁保养液   30ml

Supplies accessories: Lamp, sample needle, needle reagent, S syringe, R syringe spiral stirrer, L-type agitator, pump tube, electrode ......

papers have been published:
1 Yuhua solution, electrolyte analysis method and progress magnesium ion selective electrode, clinical chemistry among 96 national quality assessment summary and promotion and introduction, clinical chemistry of new technologies, new progress report of the General Assembly thematic sets, 1996: 116-120
2 Shangxiao Hong et al., Hitachi biochemistry analyzer ISE module and the discharge of electromagnetic interference, China Medical Equipment, 2010,7 (7): 74-75
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Ten years thousands of large-scale use of biochemical analyzer test: one hundred Dragon, Biochemistry and Immunology cleaning liquid reagent ion pioneer and leader
One hundred Dragon ® biochemical analyzer reagents electrolyte (electrode) Features:
More professional
    · The domestic industry pioneer, stable industry leader;
    · Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation of China;
    · Electrolyte (ISE) in the field 20 years of experience in research and development, counter electrode (ISE) and the work process has a profound study
Better quality
    • Direct installed, completely interchangeable with the original product, without adjustment instrument parameters. Measurement results with the original reagent correlation coefficient ≥0.998, showed no significant difference
    · Using special additives, particularly protective electrode, long-term use can extend electrode life
    Butterfield Dragon electrolyte reagents formaldehyde-free:
    Formaldehyde (also known as formalin) is an indirect electrode reagent very classic traditional additive widely used in biochemical analyzer electrode reagent (such as reference solution, dilution, internal standard solution, calibration solution, etc.). This is because the use of formaldehyde is inexpensive and has a long history, on the other hand is not in contact with the human body in vitro diagnostic reagents used in small amounts is not illegal. However prolonged use of laboratory reagents will pollute the air containing formaldehyde, a health hazard to the operator. After more than one hundred years of in-depth study of the Dragon, the electrolyte reagents use the most advanced protection agents, agents are more stable, more friendly to the electrodes, and more environmentally friendly to protect the operator health.
More at ease
    · Well-tested  by many users
    · Senior engineers to provide professional services
One hundred Dragon ® biochemical analyzer special cleaning fluid
      - The domestic industry pioneer, stable industry leader
      - Proven, product range, covering almost all domestic biochemical analyzer, and a number of domestic manufacturers to provide biochemical analytical instruments dedicated cleaning solution or solutions cooperation
      - Required for each instrument cleaning solution tailored special plane, only a thorough cleaning, but also to protect the machine
      - Import-packing or the use of imported raw materials production, product appearance (color, odor, etc.), the effect is consistent with the original product
      - Product tested by the market for many years, had no adverse effect on the measurement results and instrument